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We all know what it means to feel alone... to be isolated and not sure where to turn. But we don't think this is how life is supposed to be lived. We've been created for so much more. And life is better when lived together.

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If you've ever said the wrong thing - or said the right thing in the wrong way - you know how quickly your mouth can make a big mess. But it doesn't have to be that way. In our fall groups campaign, I Said This, You Heard That, we'll explore how our wiring affects what you say, how you listen, and how others hear you. You'll also learn a simple framework that will instantly improve your communication. And you'll see how advice from the apostle Pau thousands of years ago may have held the secret all along.

be a better communicator

And continue the discussion around the I Said This, You Heard That series. Join an RPC Group today. They meet throughout the week in homes or at RPC. It's a great time to build relationships and improve your communication.