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life is better together

We all know what it means to feel alone... to be isolated and not sure where to turn. But we don't think this is how life is supposed to be lived. We've been created for so much more. And life is better when lived together.

current series

We have a tendency to think success is something out there for us to achieve and if we just get enough house, enough relationship, enough position, or enough money, we’ll be content. But what if we gain all of that and still feel empty? What if, after all of this, life isn’t defined by what we gained, but by what we’ve lost? Join us for this 4-week series starting Sunday, June 30th as we talk about what really brings contentment. And it might not be what you think. Sundays at 10:10am.

camp RPC - Power Up

Are you ready to raise your game? Ready to plug in and know God?

Know God's word? Know Jesus? And change the world?

Because God's power gives us everything we need.

Get ready to Power Up!

Bring your elementary-aged kids and join RidgePoint Church for Camp RPC on Sunday, July 7th to Thursday, July 11th each night from 6:30-8:45.