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Our goal at RPC is to help you experience the life change that comes from growing closer to God and His family. You’ll find the environment relevant, the dress casual, and the atmosphere electric. No matter what you believe about God, the church, or the Bible, you are welcome here.

current Series

We are one month out from the presidential election and everything, as always seems to be the case, has become politicized…COVID, wearing masks, racial tensions, whether or not to appoint a new supreme court justice, the list is endless. And, even, it seems, faith has become politicized. But it wasn’t supposed to be this way. Jesus doesn’t fit neatly in a two-party system. If you’re over politics as usual and are hungry for something deeper, something more reasonable, we want to invite you to join us for this crucial series Apoliticized the entire month of October. Live at RidgePoint Church at 10:10 am and online on Facebook and YouTube. If attending in person, we'd love for you to pre-register at reopen.ridgepointchurch.org.